Patios & Walkways

Here at John Sparrow Landscape we believe that “ Form Follows Function ”. We encourage our customers to discuss with us all of the elements that they desire (such as:  BBQ, Water Feature, Fireplaces, Gazebos, Pools and so on) so that we can incorporate them into their landscape plan and entertaining center. This will allow us to allocate space for them. If they are in this year’s budget – great, but if they are not, space for them has been allocated for a future installation. Elevation, size and shape are governed by your specific needs and intended use of your backyard entertaining center, thus “ Form Follows Function ”.  The base preparation is paramount to a successful project. We guarantee that all of our work is installed to manufacture’s specifications and along with that we give you a 5 year warrantee on our paver and wall installations.         

For a consult on your next Patio and/or Walkway contact our design team at 631-321-0627

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