We at John Sparrow Landscape have a design philosophy – Prepare the soil properly then plant in layers, with density. The color and texture of plants bring warmth to our surroundings. EXPERIENCE and KNOWLEDGE of Long Island’s diverse eco-system plays a major role in planting design. Sun and Shade are not the only considerations when planting. Other factors to consider are South Shore salty breezes, the wooded North Shore, our East End  “  DEER  ”  friends and everywhere in between !!

Density holds down the weeds and allows for an ever changing palette of color and scent, while layering gives us a sense of structure, all of this visible through the FOUR seasons.

Add color and texture to your next planting design by calling The Best Landscapers North Babylon NY has ever seen or, for a free consultation, call John Sparrow Landscape at 631-321-0627

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