Stairs & Elegant Entries

An Elegant Entrance is one that makes your friends and family feel welcome, is properly planted and has shallow risers. This allows them to float up and down the staircase, with out realizing that they actually went up and down. At John Sparrow Landscape we are experts in stair design- the place where form and function are most important. Our philosophy is simple – ease of ascent with graceful balance. We  mainly use a 6’’ riser, grouping 3 to 5 steps together. Between each of the step groups we use a landing to change direction and incorporate planting walls to reduce and/or eliminate the need for a hand rail. When you combine the planting, walls and/or our low voltage lighting you will transform your ordinary entrance into an “  Elegant Entrance  ”.

 For more information on Elegant Entries and Staircases or to schedul an apointment call 631-321-0627

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